Our primary passion lies in engineering FPSO (Floating, Production, Storage & Offloading vessels) topsides. We have had the opportunity to indulge and exercise this passion working alongside over 15 prestigious projects with global majors, and have now extended our engineering services in the marine and FLNG fields.

Over the years, we have provided detail engineering solutions and 3D Modelling Services that extend to all topside modules & hull (Green Water Analysis, Crane Pedestal, Helideck, Engine Room, Pump Room, Boson Store, etc). We have observed over the last few decades that the world is seeing an increase in demand for FPSOs (Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading Vessels), due to their effectiveness in operating in deep water locations under harsh weather conditions and easy manoeuvrability – making FPSOs the most preferred option across the world.

Our experience in the field enables us to provide value propositions of optimum design and layout based on our superior capability comprehend constructability and operability. Incorporating the latest additions in software and technology across various disciplines that have contributed to the high-quality standardisation of the engineering design process, we provide unique, cutting-edge and fast-track solutions.

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The Turret Mooring System is an integral part and a key innovation in FPSO vessel systems. It keeps the vessel geostationary via a single/multi point. Turret Mooring Systems allow the vessel to rotate 360 degrees in a geostationary position, responding accurately to prevailing wind and wave conditions.

Have inculcated a deep knowledge of this system’s relevance and value, we are able to provide engineering solutions that incorporate the benefits of Turret Mooring Systems, both for internal and external turrets.

Another vital aspect of the solutions we provide to our clients lies within the field of TLPs and Semi Submersibles, as we possess immense engineering experience in detail engineering for Pontoons, Columns, Main Deck and Quarters.

Our long and healthy partnerships with numerous global leaders has found us extending our engineering experience and capabilities as a team to also provide the follow solutions:

  • Process Piping
  • Pipe Supports
  • Piping GADs
  • Pipe Support Design & Analysis
  • Structural Fabrication Drawings
  • Catalogues & Specifications Development

To date, we have provided countless unique and innovative technical solutions for onshore storage, and production of petrochemical and petroleum products. Our engineering and design team is well-equipped to craft solutions that suit brown field and green field onshore and process slants.